Friends of the Nipomo Library

Board of Directors

Board Members:

Susan Gillespie Nipomo President 2018
Sondra Vaughan Nipomo Vice-President 2018
Marie Kyle Nipomo Treasurer 2018
Nancy Brown Nipomo Secretary 2018
Janet Betz Nipomo Historian
Book Sales
Susan Galluzzo Nipomo Newsletter
Internet Book Sales
Carolyn Clark Nipomo Membership 2018
Priscilla Greenwald Nipomo Window Display 2018
Linda Short Nipomo Internet
Book Sales
*In the case of officers, the dates shown are when their Board terms end. Terms as officers expire annually.

Information for potential Board candidates:


Board meetings are generally held at the Library on the 2nd Wednesday of the month at 1:30 P.M.

All members are welcome!

Administrative Reports

President's Annual Report
Friends' Master Calendar
Meeting Minutes:
Treasurer's Reports:
The current budget and the most recent approved Treasurer's Report are available upon request. Please contact the Treasurer.

Organizational Documents

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